Terms & conditions


  1.  By entering the farm's premises, which are private property, you accept the following terms and conditions.
  2. All people are welcome to Solberga Gård, but the owners retain the right to deny access to the farm and all of its land and buildings to certain individuals or groups through oral or written notification, and without further outlining specific reasons.
  3. All visitors bear responsibility for their actions on the farm. In particular, parents have to watch over their children during all times of their visit. Visitors accept financial liability for all damage that may occur as a result of their actions, irrespective of whether these are intended or unintended. Visitors are also responsibility for their own safety, and accept that the owners and employees of the farm cannot be held responsible for any accidents that may occur anywhere on the farm grounds or in the farm's buildings.
  4. The consumption of alcohol is not allowed on the farm premises, except for the restaurant, where alcoholic beverages purchased in the restaurant can be consumed, or unless this has been specifically agreed upon with the owners of the farm.
  5. The restaurant can reject individual guests and cancel previously confirmed bookings on short notice and without specifying reasons.
  6. We intend to provide the best living conditions possible to our animals. Guests can interact with the animals, but it is forbidden to feed or tease them. Guests cannot enter stables or otherwise separated areas where animals live, unless they are accompagnied by staff of the farm.
  7. We expect all guests to respect the expectations of other guests to rest and relax. By 22.00, guests have to be quiet in all buildings, and conversations are confined to rooms, where they can be held at respectful sound levels.
  8. Solberga Gård is one of the oldest farms on Öland and a cultural heritage site. We expect our guests to respect this heritage, and to support its preservation. Particularly the old Mansion, its furniture, floors, rooms and paintings should be treated with respect by all guests.
  9. When guests do not meet these general terms & conditions for staying on the farm in the opinion of the owners, the owners and all staff members have the right to ask individuals or groups to leave the farm. In such a case, downpayments that have already been made will not be refunded.


  1. Guests are required to make a down payment of 50% of the overall cost of the stay. Once the payment has been made, the booking is confirmed. The remainder has to be paid 30 days before arrival.
  2. If rooms are cancelled, an administrative fee of 1000 SEK will be charged, irrespective of the reason for cancellation.
  3. Cancellation fewer than 30 days before arrival is not possible.
  4. All guests are entitled to move into the rented rooms from 15.00 on the agreed date of arrival, and rented rooms shall be vacated by 10.00 on the day of departure. If rented rooms are not vacated in time, the owners are entitled to charge another day.
  5. Guests have to arrive during check-in times, unless other times have been agreed upon beforehand. If guests arrive later than 19.00 on the day of arrival, and this has not been agreed upon beforehand, they are not entitled to accommodation. As a general rule, no check-in is possible after 22.00, and guests arriving later than that have to find alternative accommodation for the night on their own. Rooms will nevertheless remain reserved until 11.00 the following day. The new check-in time is in such cases between 9.00-11.00 the following day. Should guests not show up until 11.00 the following day, the reservation is cancelled and no re-payment of downpayments will be made.
  6. Rooms have to be left clean and tidy. Rented towels and linnen have to be returned to the reception. If rooms are not left clean and tidy, an additional charge of at least 300 Swedish crowns, depending on the cleaning effort, will be made. Missing towels and linnen will be debited as well.
  7. If guests leave prematurely, no re-payment will be made. Guests cannot claim prolongation of their stay, unless their are capacities and this has been agreed upon by the owners.
  8. If a guest becomes sick, the owners will arrange for medical care at the request of the guest. In the event of an imminent health threat to the guest, in the perception of the owner, medical care shall be arranged without explicit consent of the guest, but at the expense of the guest. If a guest becomes ill with a contagious disease, the owners can ask the guest to leave the farm.
  9. Animals can only stay in two specified rooms, and these have to be booked specifically for this purpose. If guests arrive with animals without having booked these rooms, they cannot stay on the farm, and no re-payment will be made. Anyone bringing along an animal is obliged to properly keep and/or supervise the animal during their stay, and to keep dogs on a leash at all times. The guest bringing the animal is liable for any damage caused by the animal. Animals are not allowed to enter houses or the restaurant.
  10. Any dispute in court will be settled in Kalmar.

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