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Solberga is certified according to the strict Swedish KRAV standard, which means that not only ecological, but also social criteria are considered. Yet, with farm life, this is not always easy. We do not have any animals that require the staff to be on site very early, but we need to feed the animals 7 days a week, and we also have to make sure they are all healty throughout the week. With regard to our guests, opening times are 10-18, but sometimes we also have guests arriving late. In summer, it can also be very optimistic to close as early as 18.00, and staff may have to work overtime, even on Sundays. To resolve this, we have decided to have a 4-3 day system, i.e. our staff works four days, and then gets three days off. Our wwoofers (world wide opportunities on organic farms, i.e. people volunteering on the farm) also have a special arrangement, working only 6 hours a day, with plenty of time to go to the beach or to do other things. Finally, Solberga is not an economically profitable business, and this means that we can only offer part-time employment. For this reason, we have promised to try to increase the employment period by at least one month per year for those who decide to stay with us, and to also increase salaries quite significantly every year. This, however, means that we have to identify new business niches over the coming years to make such a system feasible (e.g. new marmelades that can be cooked during off-season, etc.).

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