T-HildebrandSolberga, as it is today, was founded in 1836 by Theodor ("Ture") Hildebrand. There had been a farm earlier on at the same location, but the building was burnt down in 1611 (at this time, Southern Sweden still belonged to Denmark). In 1613, a new building was erected by the priest and member of parliament Stefanus Jonae, locally known as "Master Staffan", who called it "Staffanstorp". By 1641, the farm was one of the wealthiest in the area, with 18 horses, 44 cows and oxen, 283 sheep, 24 goats and 19 hogs.


After the death of Master Staffan, the farm was annexed by Duke Karl Gustav, who lived in Borgholm castle. However, after the resignation of Queen Kristina, the Duke had to leave Öland, and Solberga saw a succession of owners, until today's farm buildings were subsequently built by Ture, starting with the red house opposite the mansion built 175 years ago in 1836. The mansion (the yellow main building), was built in 1858-1862 and called corps de logit. Also from this period are the 10 tiled stoves in the mansion, which were made in Stockholm.

Solberga was owned in six generations over 152 years by the Hildebrand family, until it was sold in 1988 to Gunnar and Karin Kvarnbäck, who called the farm "Solberga Gård". Gunnar and Karin as well as their children Elias and Julia owned the farm until 2010. Now, almost 400 years after Master Staffan, the farm was taken over by Stefan Gössling, Meike Rinsche and their daughter Linnea.

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