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IMG 6148Sights in Öland - from North to South:

Trollskogen: Fabulous pine forest with ivy-covered trees. Close to the Baltic sea, north of the sandy beaches along the bay of Böda.

Neptuni fields: Received their name from Carl of Linnaeus, covered with blue flowers.

Raukar of Byrum: Stone columns on a sandy and rocky beach. 

Jordhamn:  Öland's only surviving stone grinding mill.

Högenäs Orde: A fine example of the ridges left by the glacier ice covering eastern Öland. With beautiful views over the lakes with grazing cattle, orchids and bird populations. 

Södra Greda: Row village close to Lillholmsudd, with fine beaches.

Kapelludden: Site of the medival trading center of Sikehamn, with ruins of St Bridget Chapel and 13th century stone cross.

The mills of Störlinge: a series of seven windmills erected on the former beach wall.

Halltorp's grove: Protected, thousand-year old oaks, and Swedens largest hornbeam area.

Karum Alvar: Burial place with stone ship "Noa's Ark".

Castle Ismantorps: one of the most interesting old castles of the island, with a wall of 3-4 height, located in a shady forest.

Rönnerums: In Öland there are over 1,500 known foundations from the Iron Age. The prehistoric village of Rönnerum consists of about ten foundations, stone fencing and and old well. 

Mills at Lerkaka: Mill ensemble on the old sea wall.

Gårborg: The largest ancient castle of the island, with a wall 640m in length. 

Karlevi-Stone: Largest rune stone in the island, dating back to the 10th century. Tells the story of a Danish hero, who is buried in Öland.

Beijershamn: One of the most famous bird watching places in Öland, with watch towers and hiking trails.

Stora Alvaret, Vickleby: From the parking lot at the church of Vickleby you can walk out into Stora Alvaret. This is a popular hiking area where you can find flowering orchids in May and June.

Castle Bårby: Prehistoric castle and highest point of the island at 57m above sea level.

Bicycle trail Kastlösa-Skärlöv: The old railway track (built 1910) now serves as a bike trail and is perfect if you want to explore Stora Alvaret. There is a parking lot at Penasa, 2 km east of Kastlösa.

Burial site Gettlinge: One of the largest burial sites on the island, with magnificent views.

Port of Gräsgård: Fishing has been an important activity of the islanders for thousands of years. The port is used by fishermen to land catches of salmon and cod. 

Södra Bruket: Coming from the western main road you will see the remains of the former alaun works, which were in operation in the 18th and 19th century. 

Wall of Karl X Gustav:  The 4.5 km long wall was erected in the 17th century, originally built to prevent deer to leave the area. 

Ottenby grove: The grove was planned in the 17th century, and first dominated by birch trees, which later were replaced by oak trees. There is a unique bird population and there are various hiking trains and bird-watching towers.

On the mainland, you will also be able to visit:
The glass kingdom:

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